How To Clean JewelryHow To Clean Jewelry

Protect your jewelry investment by learning the proper way to clean your gold, silver and copper jewelry. Refer to the following jewelry cleaning tips when caring for your fine custom jewelry.

• Jewelry not worn on a consistent basis is a prime target of oxidation. General maintenance should consist of wiping down with a soft jewelers cloth, and storing in a sealed plastic bag or in its original package.
• To minimize hand cream or soap build up in and around settings, apply hand creams/soaps to unadorned neck, hands and wrists.
• Use extra care when cleaning jewelry that has multiple gems in it as different stones vary in density and strength. Never submerge gemstones while cleaning jewelry. Refer to our handy chart when  cleaning gemstones.
• Check for secure settings before cleaning jewelry. Lightly poke with a toothpick or soft pointer and watch for signs or movement. If the stone moves at all, do not clean it, but take it to a trusted jeweler to have the setting tightened.
• Some cleaning methods to consider are warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush, ultra sonic cleaner, jewelry cleaning products, and diluted mild all purpose cleaner (for diamonds only.)
• Do not submerge stones as excess water can get trapped in and around the setting causing discoloration.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry

• Soak silver jewelry in boiling water and baking soda in a pan lined with foil until the tarnish comes clean.
• If the piece cannot be submerged, rub with baking soda paste and a clean cloth. Repeat with a clean wet cloth to rinse.
• A thin layer of white toothpaste and a drop of water worked into a lather with a soft bristle toothbrush also works.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

• Clean gold jewelry with warm water and mild soap. For gold chains, soak for 20 minutes and rub down with a clean cloth. Rinse well.
• For gold mixed with gemstones, gently rub down with a cloth dipped in soapy water including the stones. Repeat this process with clean water. DO NOT SUBMERGE SETTINGS CONTAINING STONES.

Cleaning Copper Jewelry

• To clean copper jewelry, use mixture of lime or lemon juice and a pinch of salt.  Dip, douse in clear water and dry.