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Money Players Jewelry is a family owned business.  Owners Toddrick and Eric McIntosh, strong in their Christian faith, extend their beliefs in to their business.  Toddrick and Eric believe in providing the best possible products and services to their clients. Money Players specialize in quality custom jewelry, and pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service. Comfortable catering to the affluent, Toddrick and Eric provide discreet individual viewings of all  Money Players products.

“Taking the jewelry store to our clients and making them feel like Money Players is the key to our success. You won’t beat our price or quality when it comes to custom jewelry! When we looked at the marketplace, we saw a need for top notch jewelry at a reasonable price and being Money Players ourselves, we started MPJ.”  Toddrick Mclntosh, President and CEO, Money Players Jewelers.

All clients being Money Players means that everyone, whether spending $500 or $5,000, is treated the same.

When quality matters, the choice of the Pros is Money Players.

About Money Players

Toddrick McIntosh, attended Florida State University, earning four years starter and letterman at FSU.  He made it to the 1993 National Championship team, and later played three seasons in the NFL. Toddrick was Texas Super 50 football players in high school  1989 and Eric McIntosh in 1995.

Eric McIntosh,  attended Morehouse College and started designing custom jewelry. Soon after, Eric teamed up with Toddrick and Money Players Jewelers was born.

• AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional)
• GIA Certified (Gemological Institute of America)
• Family owned business
• Members of Omega Psi Phi Inc.

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Money Players Is By Appointment Only:

Toddrick Mclntosh   (954) 662-1477
Eric Mclntosh          (404) 964-4186

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